Offshore Pipeline Engineering

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Offshore Pipeline Engineering

We offer high end engineering solutions in offshore pipeline engineering, we follow latest standards, codes recommended practices in the Oil & Gas industry.

We assist EPCI companies in offshore related engineering analysis from FEED, Detail Engineering, Installaton Engineering to Pre-commission phases during the course of the Projects related to Rigid Pipelines Projects.

Offshore Engineering Capability Details

Pipeline & Surf

★ Design Review

★ Pipeline Design Basis

★ Pipeline Route Survey Studies

★ Pipeline Hydraulic Analysis

★ Pipeline Wall Thickness Design

★ Pipeline Stability Analysis

★ Pipeline Span Analysis

★ Pipeline Expansion Analysis

★ Riser Flexibility Analysis

★ Pipeline Stabilization Mattress Design

★ Pipeline Crossing Design

★ Riser Clamp Design Analysis

★ Pipeline and Riser Anode Arrangement


★ Heat and Mass Transfer

★ Sizing Calculations

★ Process Flow Diagrams

★ Piping & Instrumentation

★ Network Analysis

★ Process Data Sheets

★ Process Philosophies and manuals

★ Pipeline Alignment Drawings

★ Pipeline Approach Departure Drawings

★ Pipeline Crossing Drawings for Rigid Lines

★ Riser General Assembly Drawings

★ Riser and Clamp Location Drawings

★ As-built Drawings

★ Material Requisitions for Pipeline Items

★ Purchase Requisitions for Pipeline Items

★ Stacking Height Analysis

★ Normal Pipeline & Flexibles Lay Analysis

★ Abandonment and Recovery Analysis

★ Pipeline & SURF Startup & Termination Analysis


★ Piping Specifications

★ Piping Material Specifications

★ Valves Material Specifications

★ Layouts (EQPT, GAD, SUPP GAD)

★ Isometrics with Material take off

★ Spool Fabrication Drawings

★ Stress Analysis (Metallic and Non-Metallic)

★ Standard Supports, Springs and Special Support Designs

★ Procurement Assistance

★ 3D Modelling (PDMS)


★ Riser Installation - Davit Lift Analysis

★ Quasi-static Analysis during Shore Pull

★ Quasi-static Analysis during Pipe-Lay

★ Pile Drivability studies

★ Trenchability Check

★ SPM - Preparation of RFQ, Vendor Evaluation, Technical Bid Evaluation

★ Installation Engineering activities


★ Control Philosophy

★ Detailed Execution Drawings

★ Interlock Logic Diagrams

★ Instrument Hook up Drawings

★ Functional Specifications and Data sheets

★ Procurement Assistance

★ I/O List

★ Bill of Materials

★ Interface Drawings for DCS, PLC & MCC

★ Participating in SAFOP / HAZOP meetings

★ Scope of Work for Construction Activities

★ FAT and SAT Procedures